A Project and a Visit

A high school friend of mine who now studies industrial engineering had to do a research for her practicum and she needed some participants to answer questionnaire. She needed three people from medical faculty and she already found one. In this post, I will call her Miss Forever Friend because she has been my close friend since high school and she is adorable like the bear from Forever Friends. In fact, she and I together in picture look like the bears from Forever Friends.

On Thursday, I visited my junior to pay for journalism club uniform. Yes, she was my friend in journalism club. I told her about my friend’s research and she said that she was willing to participate. I will call this friend Miss Positive Side since she could still be cheerful after losing her cellphone.

On Friday, Miss Forever Friend and I visited Miss Positive Side in her boarding house. I brought a big bag of chip and Miss Positive Side had many cookies and snacks. 

At first, we intended the visit to be quick. However, after we were done with the questionnaire, we talked a lot and ate a lot. We ate up Miss Positive Side’s snacks and cookies (terrible guests, aren’t we?). We talked about many things, from cellphone to fried noodle.

To be honest, I still wonder how we could manage to have great conversation. My friends just met each other for the first time but we weren’t awkward. 

Another thing to remember, if Miss Forever Friend and want to visit you, we suggest you to hide some of your snacks. If you don’t, they will vanish.

P. S. Miss Forever Friend is my friend whom I mentioned in my post “Marriage?


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