Songs, Letter, and Other Things

It’s 23.57 here. Almost Sunday. I have no idea what I’m supposed to write but I will write anyway.

I open three tabs of YouTube video: Child in Time, The Heart Never Lies, and Beauty and the Beast (I realise it is the third time I talk about Beauty and the Beast song in this blog). “The Heart Never Lies” song by McFly is strong that I can’t resist the urge to play it sometimes. I like the part, “If you wanna fight, I’ll stand right beside you. The day that you fall, I’ll be right behind you.”

Yesterday (Friday) I received a short letter from a Taiwanese friend. I mean real letter, the one made of paper, not the electronic mail. The letter was given to me by a junior student. Wonder why? Let me tell you.

I don’t share my home address to people I meet in the internet. I give them my campus address instead (I sound annoying). I sent my friend a postcard last year. She then sent me a postcard but for some unknown reason, I didn’t receive it. The postcard may lose on its way to Indonesia. Last week, she told me in e-mail that she sent another card. I doubted that the card would arrive. Yesterday I attended a meeting of my journalism club and a junior student gave me an envelope. She said, “I came to student affair office and I saw it.” I was so happy to receive that. There was a card with short letter in it. 

I watch the clock again and it’s 00.37. It’s Sunday now. I have to sleep. Talking about sleep, I remember my thesis. I searched journal article on sleep quality and I couldn’t get full article since I have to pay to get it. 

Yesterday (Saturday), I didn’t go out because it rained all day and I got sore throat. My throat got better after I eat hot soup and took paracetamol. 

I actually still have many works to do. I’ll do it after I wake up in the morning (but it’s already morning).


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