I wrote that I had to submit three title ideas for my thesis. Today, I got the validation result. I was quite lucky since not everyone got their idea validated today.

The validator team approve my thesis idea on exercise and sleep. I will write it with the help from psychiatry department. If you wonder why student who wants to write about exercise and sleep is helped by psychiatry department, that’s a long story.

A lecturer told us what the validator team consider before approving our ideas. They consider whether our idea is new. They see if we, undergraduate students, can do that. They also take a look at our three ideas and read between the line on what interests us.

I guess they see that I’m interested in psychiatry. Beside that, exercise and sleep have correlation to mental health.

What about my three friends? Their ideas were also validated today. Elsa will write about toothpaste. Lady Slytherin will write about eugenol (I don’t know what it is). Miss Perfume will write about health insurance. 

I hope we can do it well.

p.s. I guess someday I will write on why I call my two friends Lady Slytherin and Miss Perfume.


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