I Wrote a Long Post

I open my mail today and there was mail from Writing 101. The mail said, “Today is a free writing day. Write at least four hundred words and once you start typing, don’t stop.”

I laughed reading that mail. I have difficulty in writing long article. One day I had to write a news and my editor pointed out my mistakes: 1. wrong format, 2. no title, 3. less than 400 words. Another time, I wrote another news with 400 hundred words and my editor (different from the first one) said that my writing wasn’t long enough.

The mail also said, “…. once you start typing, don’t stop.” I admit that I have concentration problem. Writing 400 words at once sounds difficult. What if I’m bored and I want to browse something random? What if I’m thirsty and hungry? I don’t put my drink and snack near my laptop.

Anyway, last Monday, I had an accident. I rode motorcycle to campus and I was crashed by another motorcycle. I was all right. I could still ride my motor to campus. My right cheek hurt but I later found out that there was no fracture. Now my right shoulder still hurts but overall, I’m fine.

Whoa, traffic accident on the first day of traumatology block was “awesome”.

Talking about traumatology, we’ve got lectures from surgeons and …. (can’t find the proper words). Well, the lecture slides were full of pictures of horrible injury. Yesterday my friend said, “It seems that the surgeons like to show us such picture. They implicitly said, ‘Look, this is what I see everyday and I’m fine with it. You all just see it once or twice and you cringe?’ ”

The lecture slides make any thriller film looks lame. If you watch a thriller or horror film, you can still enjoy it if it’s your preference. In film, you can still enjoy the actors’ performance, background music, and setting. One important point, film is fictional and you, as viewer, just have to watch. Or leave if you don’t like it. In traumatology case, we have to watch and examine. We also have to help.

Last Tuesday, my three friends and I visited our university bookstore. It was not interesting. The place was comfortable but the books were mostly textbooks. Nothing is wrong with textbooks. As students we need them. However, there is time when we just need to read thing outside university textbook.

Today at 12.10, I’m going to have anatomy practicum. Anatomy lesson in traumatology includes all organs in the body. It means that I have to learn a lot, considering most organ systems were taught in our second year, the year when I spent my study life in darkness.

Now I’m going to play minesweeper and study.


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