We Need to Rest

Day seven prompt of Writing 101 is about contrast, “Write a post based on the contrast between two things – whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.”

I have three close friends and I often think that we, four people, can show contrast when you compare us to most students in our year.

One day, we browsed internet randomly and read unusual articles together. Near us, there was some students talking about thesis.

We were like, “Read this article.” “How can someone write such weird article?” “This article is annoyingly funny.”

Near us, the students said things like, “Have you found what you want to write in your thesis?” “When will they announce the validation result?” “How should we contact the lecturer to become our mentor?”

Noticing this, Elsa said, “Hey, listen! People near us talk about thesis while we are here reading some useless articles.” 

Note: when reading this article you may think that my friends and I are irresponsible students. Believe me, we’re not that bad. We do care about our thesis. However, at that time, we just needed a little rest.

3 thoughts on “We Need to Rest

  1. Well, I was worse when I was still studying. My notebooks were full of doodles instead of notes, I’d rather play games than revising, I didn’t give a damn when the teacher was talking, etc. Haha…

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