“Today, take a cue from something you’ve overheard and write a post inspired by real-life conversation.”

I sometimes overhear people talking. However, today I stay at home and study for exam so I don’t overhear any unusual conversation. I can’t even recall conversation I overheard so I write a story of my conversation with a friend.

One day in February, I met my old friend. We first met in high school and we became close. 

We had conversation over fried rice (because conversation over coffee was not enough, duh). Never meeting each other for a long time, we had many things to talk: university life, news from old friends, our own lives, and marriage.

I’m not good at relationship advice. However, talking about marriage with a close friend doesn’t require me to be an expert. We can always share our opinion, thought, and worry. 

My friend said, “I want to marry when I’m 25 but now that I’m 21, I haven’t figured out how I will find my husband.” I said, “I haven’t figured out, either. Sometimes people find their match in unexpected places, though.”

Since we both were single (we still are), we came to our usual conclusion, “Let’s just think about it later. We need to take care of our study first.”

Anyway, I found a good video from BuzzFeedYellow, “Marriage Advice from Divorcees“. It’s a good video and if you’re an inexperienced single who want to marry, I suggest you to watch it.


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