Twenty Something and Other Stories

It’s a late announcement.

Sandeep from Daydream & Happy Things created an online magazine called Twenty Something. It’s a magazine written by bloggers in their twenties and I’m one of those bloggers. Yeay!

Beside the content, I really like the layout. It’s so colourful and enjoyable to read. Read the magazine in ISSUU.

My post in Twenty Something is “Word List to Story“. Since Sandeep has just created a story out of word list, I also make one.






It was a sunny day and she decided to take a walk. Wearing a midi dress, she went to her favourite cafe.

She ordered pancake and tea. While waiting for the order, she heard someone said, “Dad, let’s move near the window.”

A boy passed her chair. He held his father hand and walked to the seat near the window. She couldn’t help smiling when noticing that the boy carried a ransel with skunk picture on it.

The story talked about cafe. May I cheat and include it in Writing 101? I haven’t written for day eight prompt. It was, “Go to a local cafe, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.”


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