Three Songs and Some Stories

Today’s prompt in Writing 101 is, “Write about the three most important songs in your life – what do they mean to you?”

I listen to many songs but I don’t actually have important songs in my life. However, I’ll still make a list of three songs.

3. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance 

When I read the lyrics for the first time, there were some words I didn’t know the meaning. I guess I should thank My Chemical Romance for expanding my vocabulary. 

2. Child in Time – Deep Purple

My mother bought Deep Purple cassette several times and she was always disappointed if the Child in Time song in the cassette is just the 4 minute version. She said, “Why is this song cut? You should listen to the long version. It’s very good.” Then one day we bought a CD and we cheered after finding out that it had the long version of Child in Time.

1. Asmaradana

I haven’t found a version of Asmaradana that I like in YouTube. In wikipedia, there are two versions of Asmaradana lyrics. The one was often sung by my late grandmother.

Aja turu sore kaki                              (Don’t sleep early, [kaki])

Ana dewa nganglang jagad            (There is god wandering around the universe)

Nyangking bokor kencanane          (carrying a golden [box])

Isine donga tetulak                            (It contains [prayer against the bad])

Sandhang kelawan pangan             (Clothes and food)

Yaiku bageyanipun                            (That are meant for)

wong melek sabar narima               (people who are awake and patient to accept)

The words I put in [….] are the words I’m not sure about the translation. I understand the meaning but I just don’t know the proper English translation. “Kaki” in this song is not “kaki” in Indonesian which means foot. Kaki here is for addressing someone but I forget who that someone is.

By the way in wikipedia, the last line is, “wong welek sabar narima” but my grandma sang it as, “wong melek sabar narima.”

Since I’m not so philosophical right now, I will write about the message behind this song in the future.


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