Take Me to the Bookstore

Today’s prompt in Writing 101 is, “If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”

I would go to book store right now. It sounds simple but I really need to refresh my mind. I didn’t actually do a lot of things recently but I’m just a little tired.

In the bookstore, I usually go to stationery section first. I have this weird obsession for stationery. Everytime I see a cute notebook, I just want to buy it. If I buy it, I won’t know what I should use it for. If I don’t buy it, I’ll be obsessed a little longer.

I will then visit the shelves of fiction novels and look for any unsealed novel so I can take a look and read. That unsealed novel is a good thing when I visit a bookstore and I don’t have enough money to buy book. I once read “Peter Nimble” novel in a bookstore but I didn’t finish it. I then came over and over to read Peter Nimble but one day, I can’t find the book. It was sold out. 

I also like comic section. My favourite comic? Asterix, Conan, and Miiko. I also want to read “Three Kingdoms” comic series but I can’t find them in the bookstore. If you’re curious about Three Kingdoms, you can read it in here. The comic version is interesting and easy to understand.

What do you like to see in the bookstore?


10 thoughts on “Take Me to the Bookstore

  1. I love a bookstore. Any place in the world I go I look for a bookstore and then I always head to the magazines and then the travel book section. I like how you wrote about the stationery section and drew the reader into your story.

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