20 Minutes to Free Write

The first assignment of WordPress Writing 101 is to take twenty minutes to free write. Here I go.

It rains outside. An Indonesian puppet master, Sujiwo Tejo once said that “If you can’t make a poem when it rains then you’re ….” I forget what he actually said. It was something like “not romantic” or “doesn’t have feeling”, or something like that.
I’ve just realised that I’ve never posted my poem in this blog. The last time I wrote poem was in 12th grade. I was 17 or 18 at that time. That was a short poem like this
Pagi ini kulihat senja
Percayalah, itu senja
This morning I saw dusk
Believe me, that was dusk
I remembered that was a last-minute poem. I procrastinated a lot (I still do).
Back to the rain. If I have to write a poem about rain right now it would be like
Rain lightly
I’m not gloomy,
just sleepy
Duh. I need more practice in writing poem.
It’s April 6th and I’m going to have pediatrics written exam on April 17th. I have to revise soon. 
I also have to think about what I should write in my undergraduate thesis. I consider psychiatry. I’ve thought about one title but I’m required to write three titles first. Those three titles will be validated then I will write thesis with only one title. Why three?!!
Talking about April. If I’m not mistaken, it’s supposed to be a dry season in Indonesia. Correct me if I’m wrong. Global warming affect the seasonal change, I guess. You know, Sapardi Djoko Damono’s poem “Hujan Bulan Juni” means June rain. What’s so special about “June Rain”? When the poem was written, the seasons still changed regularly so June was a dry month. At that time, there was no rain on June. The poem “Hujan Bulan Juni” talks about June rain that longs for the flowery tree but it keeps its feeling secret. How do you interpret it? Who do you think June rain is?
Now I’m going to write a case report and look for the three titles, I guess.

14 thoughts on “20 Minutes to Free Write

    • Sorry, which NBU are you in?
      I once helped in a health service and I was clumsy with child patients.
      Medicine can be painful if I don’t study properly. It’s interesting, still.

      • New borns unit…I study at Nairobi university. And yes it can be painful I totally agree. How many years is an undergraduate course at your school? And why did you choose Medicine?

      • Oh, I’ve just known it’s called NBU. Sorry.
        It’s 3.5 years of preclinic and 2 years of clinical rotation.
        I’m just interested in medicine. Really. the question word “why” is the most difficult to answer.

      • I like! That’s pretty interesting! Ours is 2years preclinical then 3years clinical . In my fourth year now and it’s going pretty well.
        Not sure I will practice for so long though might go into public health. But my baby experience and that in surgery might dissuade me.

        Which year are you in? And what challenges do you face?

        And I’m sorry if it seems I am flooding your blog with comments.

      • I’m in my third year. My challenge now is about time management. I have to study and write thesis. It sounds hard since thesis is far different from blog post.
        I don’t have experience with baby yet. I’ve only watched minor surgery so I’m not sure how my experience with real surgery will be.
        Comment is always welcomed. Don’t feel sorry.

      • Management comes with time. I think if you give the thesis like two hours or at least one hour each day it will help you cover ground. And you’re a pretty decent writer I have no doubt it will be a work of out. Segment it in your minds to little sections or chapters instead of looking at it as a whole thesis and it will be easier.

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