Religion and Politics: I Should be Careful

I talk about various things but there are two things that I choose to be careful with, especially in facebook: religion and politics. Religion is sensitive, politics is scary.

Let’s talk about religion first. I’m a muslim and I still need to learn a lot about Islam. I sometimes share religious post in my facebook. However, I don’t share religious content on topic that I don’t understand. I don’t share content that, in my opinion, can lead to debate or, even worse, conflict. 

About politics, …. Well, I can still share religious content but I don’t share any political content in my facebook. I learn it from my father. Every time there is political news and I tell my father, he often says, “That’s what you know. The truth can be different.” Considering my general principle in the internet, “I don’t share content that I don’t understand,” I take my father’s advice seriously.

6 thoughts on “Religion and Politics: I Should be Careful

  1. You said it all by saying: “Religion is sensitive, politics is scary”.
    Amazingly put!
    And somehow I only talk on religious content with like-minded people bacause generally people take offense even if you mention their religion in a sentence. It’s wierd so I agree totally with you.

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