Friday Lecture Note: Theories of Aging

This week, I started studying geriatrics. 

What is geriatrics?

Geriatrics is a field in medicine that studies about elderly and diseases related to aging.

There are many theories of aging. One of the most popular theories is telomere theory. It says that everytime there is mitotic cell division, the telomere part of the DNA shortens. The shortens the telomere, the more difficult the cell to divide. Then the cells finally die.

Another theory is metabolism theory that was proposed by McKay in 1935. It says that when calorie intake is reduced, the body does less metabolism then the release of hormones that cause cell proliferation (e.g. insulin and growth hormone) is reduced. It causes growth disturbance which then leads to delay of degenerative process. Then it makes long life. In short, it says, “If you eat less, you can’t grow well but you will stay young.” My mother agree sto this theory since she has lower appetite than the rest of my family.

What’s your theory of aging?


Martono, Hadi. 2014. Buku Ajar Geriatri (Ilmu Kesehatan Usia Lanjut) Edisi V. Jakarta: Badan Penerbit FK UI


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