Lecture Note: First Aid for Choking

Yesterday I couldn’t post “Friday Lecture Note” so I post Saturday lecture note instead. This week I got lecture about emergency condition in pediatrics. 

One condition that sometimes (or often) happens is choking. Choking causes airway obstruction and it can be dangerous. 

What should we do when someone chokes? American Red Cross recommends a “five and five” approach which means 5 back blows then 5 abdominal thrust (Heimlich maneuver) for conscious individual.

If an infant chokes and still conscious, you can do back slaps and chest thrusts (watch the video to see how to perform it). If a child is choking, you can perform Heimlich maneuver by putting your hands on the child’s bellybutton and pushing inward and upward like this. The Heimlich maneuver for adult is almost the same to that for a child. 

In addition, please read the articles from Mayo Clinic and MedlinePlus



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