YouTube Crush

I have three close friends in university and we often watch YouTube video together. Two of my friends and I have YouTube crush.

The girl who has “the loveliest ex” has a crush on Anthony Padilla from Smosh. One of her favourite video from Smosh is “MEME FACES IN REAL LIFE“. If you don’t know Anthony, he’s the one wearing pink (?) T-shirt in that “Meme” video. My friend once said, “Anthony Padilla is handsome but he’s not afraid to look ugly or silly.”

The girl who want “From This Moment On” to be played in her wedding day watches BuzzFeed video a lot. Her YouTube crush is Nick Zephyrin. She likes Nick’s video “Awkward Moments When You Flirt“. I also like that video because it’s just relatable to people who flirt.

What about me? My YouTube crush is PJ Liguori. He’s a genius. I like how he put colour in his videos. Watch his “MAGICAL RAINBOW ADVENTURE” video and try it if you have enough crayons and you think it’s fine to do that.


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