Friday Lecture Note: Macrosomia

The first subject I study this semester is pediatrics. In schedule, I have to study it for 3 weeks which are technically 2 weeks of lecture and a week of other things.

I once said that I would share what I learn so here we go.

In group discussion, we talked about neonate. What is neonate? Neonate or newborn is a baby who is 4 weeks old or younger. Normal newborn weighs 2500 to 4000 grams. However, if the mother has diabetes, her child can be heavier. The condition of newborn with excessive birth weight is called macrosomia. How can it happen? If a mother’s blood glucose level is high, then the fetus blood glucose level will be high, too. Fetus’ pancreas produce more insulin to respond to high glucose level. Insulin in fetus also function as growth hormone. Thus, fetus becomes bigger for his age. Macrosomia can be prevented if a mother control her blood glucose level.

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