Blog Actually

Today is the last day of February Blogging 101 (it’s March, 1st anyway) and for me, February this year was a perfect month for my blogs, especially this WordPress blog. Why?

First, I had holiday. Some of you may wonder how a medical student could write more than one post in a day. Well, I had a lot of free time.

Second, I joined Blogging 101. It was a great experience. I met many bloggers who posted interesting things, inspired me, and were very supportive. Before I joined Blogging 101, I only wrote posts for myself, I rarely commented on other bloggers, and I followed a few people. After Blogging 101, I started to get involved in the community and it was an amazing experience.

When I get involved in blogging community, I have new friends and read people’s mind (whoa, I feel like Severus Snape performing Legilimency) without knowing them personally, even without knowing their names and faces. 

So dear readers and fellow Blogging 101 participants, thank you for your support.


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