Word List to Story: When I was 15

I once wrote that I had a friend who liked Panic! At The Disco and we often tried to interpret their lyrics.

That friend and I also made story in our way. First, she made a list of random words. After that, I made a story using the words in the list. I also added more words, of course.

Here are some words in the list that my friend created:

  • flood
  • winter
  • raindrop
  • downpour

From those words, I create a paragraph like this one.

       It’s cold like flood in winter here. Something fell from the sky. Raindrops began to fall. Downpour would be here.

That part was quite fine since the words are somehow related: flood, winter, raindrop, downpour. 

Other words in the list are:

  • vampire
  • crow
  • mountain
  • throat

I then write:

       Someone came and sat beside me. He looked like a vampire from mountain. He told me that his sore throat made his voice sounded like old crow.

I showed the story to my English course teacher and she said, “You include these words? Wow…”

If one day, you want to write something but don’t know what to write, you can make a word list first then turn it into a story.

Note: I link this post to Twenty Somethings because…. Well, I don’t really need to give reason.

13 thoughts on “Word List to Story: When I was 15

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