Weekly Doodle: Celebrate the Colours

Today’s assignment from Blogging 101 is to try another blogging event. I found the Weekly Doodle event and the latest doodle theme is celebration.

What I remember about any celebration is colour. It’s the yellow “janur” (coconut young leaf) in many Indonesian weddings or the red colour of Chinese new year. Since, I’m not so good at creating a celebration image, I doodle colour.

I’ve just realised there is still a lot of white space. What should I do with the white space?

9 thoughts on “Weekly Doodle: Celebrate the Colours

  1. I would try going slightly smaller than your color pieces (so it looks like it is in the background) but not so small that it feels busy. Either way you can’t go wrong it just changes the feel. Have fun πŸ™‚

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