Ande-ande Lumut

This morning, I bought ande-ande lumut. In Javanese, “Ande-ande Lumut” can be a name of folktale character, or a food.

Ande-ande Lumut

The food above is ande-ande lumut. It is made of cassava (Manihot esculenta). The thick white liquid (or sauce) is made of coconut milk. I asked my mother, “How can coconut milk become thick?” She said, “Some of the cassava is grated and it made the coconut milk become thick.” However, I read some recipes that doesn’t mention “grate some cassava”. The recipes just tell to stir the sauce until it become thick.

To be honest, my family haven’t made ande-ande lumut for a long time but here I will try to write a recipe without measurement (duh).

You will need:

  • cassava
  • coconut milk
  • sugar or palm sugar
  • pandan leaf (Pandanus amaryllifolius)
  • salt (only a little)
  • water if necessary

How to cook it

  1. Peel and cut the cassava into small pieces.
  2. Grate some cassava (this step can be skipped).
  3. Boil all the stuff and stir until the cassava is soft enough to bite and the coconut milk becomes thick.

I will edit or re-write this post someday after I make it again (or not).

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