Converting Decimal to Different Base

In this post, I said that if you wanted to convert number from different base to decimal we could use table. Well, I’m sorry that I was wrong because I’ve just remembered that we use table to convert decimal to other bases. There may be table for converting to decimal but I haven’t known yet.

In the image below, I convert 27 base 10 to binary.

Converting 27 to Binary

Converting 27 to Binary

Another example below, I convert 27 to base 3.

Converting 27 to Base 3

Converting 27 to Base 3


11 thoughts on “Converting Decimal to Different Base

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  2. Good post. It’s also worth mentioning that if you convert base 10 to base 11 or higher, there may be remainders of 10 or higher. So, if the remainder is higher 10 or higher, you should write letters instead. For example r. 10 = A, r. 11 = B etc.

    e.g. 46 base 10 to base 16

    46/16 = 2 r. 14 = 2E

      • Higher number bases especially the hexadecimal are primarily taught on courses for math and computer science related degrees. So, I also haven’t studied them.

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