Come Out and Play with Basic Genetics

Recently, the girls from Faraday’s Candle write a post entitled “Dr. Brian May and the Zodiacal Light!” In that post they say that they remember Zodiacal light when they think about rock music because Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, made his PhD thesis in astrophysics on Zodiacal light. Whoa, another story of smart musician.

When thinking about smart musician, I often remember Bryan “Dexter” Holland, the Offspring’s lead singer. He studied molecular biology and is involved in HIV/AIDS related research.

To be honest, in university,  I failed a lot in molecular biology subject. That’s why I think Dexter Holland is a genius.

In molecular biology, we study biology in molecular level. We learn a lot about cell, chromosome, DNA, gene, RNA, and heredity. In this post, I want to share a website that helped me study moleculary biology in a fun way: To get started, you can click on “Tour of Basic Genetics“.

I give you some spoilers from that tour. Heredity is passing of traits from generation to generation. Trait is influenced by gene and environment. Now, what is gene? How can environment influence the trait? Well, I don’t want to spoil too much.

More spoilers -> Nucleus of the cell contains chromosomes. In each chromosome, DNA is packaged. DNA contains “instruction” for the cell in the form of gene.

Let’s end this post with something musical. I present to you, Come Out and Play by the Offspring. I personally don’t like the video but I like the song.


4 thoughts on “Come Out and Play with Basic Genetics

  1. Thank you for making us smarter with your blog! 🙂 Genetics is very interesting to me; my sister in law, my cousin and both my children are all adopted. Sometimes I wonder how much of what they do stems from genetic makeup. No way to know, really, but interesting to consider.

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