Talking about Relationship

I join Blogging 101 and yesterday’s task was to comment on at least four blogs I had never visited before and today’s task is to write a post that builds on one of the comments I left yesterday. I actually commented on a lot of blogs but I forget some of them. Let’s just talk.

I found this post by TJ. In that post he wrote a story about a girl who is …. I think it will be better if you read the post yourself so you can decide a proper adjective for that girl. You can also read my comment (yes, that lincahceria5).

I’ve said before that I’m not good at relationship advice so if a friend tells me about her (or his) relationship problem, I will just listen and respond a little. However, since it’s just relationship, not marriage, my ultimate advice would be, “Tell them, then leave, end your relationship.” I suggest my friend to tell because communication is important and it’s better to let the other know what happens. I suggest them to leave because… Well, let’s make it clear.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend makes you uncomfortable or ask you to do something against your principle, you should end the relationship before it’s too late.

By the way, when I talk about my friend’s relationship, it may be different to what you think. Watch this video by Jana first.

Many of us in Indonesia don’t believe in sex before marriage, regardless of the religion. My friends’ relationship mostly involve going out together, having meal together, or calling each other with “cheesy nickname”. They don’t have sex. They don’t live together. They don’t even kiss.

Whoa, I still don’t believe that I finally write a relationship advice.

7 thoughts on “Talking about Relationship

  1. Lincahceria5,
    Reading your posts is actually solving my purpose of blogging; to know what happens in different corners of the world sitting in one room with a tablet in hand..
    New places, their cultures, their different cuisines, their different viewpoints- ALL OF THIS ATTRACTS MY ATTENTION..
    Thanks for posting this..
    Here in India, sex is a taboo too.. People pretend to be cool at the cost of their principles and values..
    But, in the end, we should be what comes organically to us!

    • I am really involved in blogging community this time after I join Blogging 101. Welcome to Blogging world!
      Here talking about sex is taboo for some people but it’s not for the others. I can’t always generalize people in Indonesia.

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