Foods that Make Me Weak (in a Good Way)

In one of her post, Shruti said that food is her weakness. I’m now inspired to write about some foods that make me weak, in a good way.

1. Durian

Many Indonesians like durian. Well, some Indonesians don’t like it. Some people may think that the smell is bad, like rotten food. However, for those who like durian, it smells nice and amazing. The combination of the smell and sweet taste makes durian an incredible fruit.

2. Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? I don’t need to explain further about it.

3. Fried shrimp

For your information, I have eczema. The condition can occur if I experience mental stress or eat excessive shrimps. I really said excessive because if I only eat a few fried shrimps, I will be fine.

p.s. Since my internet connection is slow, I can’t put images in this post. Maybe later.


9 thoughts on “Foods that Make Me Weak (in a Good Way)

  1. Hey..
    Your post has left me craving for Durian ( I haven’t had it ๐Ÿ˜ž ..)
    And don’t even ask me how did I hogged on a Dark chocolate!! I am afraid of those extra grams that I hav put on .. Thanks @lincahceria5 !! Haha
    Pls keep telling us about new foods .. A pic against each item would do wonders to your post ๐Ÿ™‚

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