A Book about Amazing Grandma

I found a post by Aggie. In that post, she wrote her New Year’s resolution. Her 5th resolution in the list is read. I then recommended “Saga no Gabai Baachan” by Yoshichi Shimada. It’s always the first book that comes to my mind every time someone asks for book suggestion.

The book is based on true story. It tells a story of Akihiro who lived with his grandmother, Grandma Osano, in Saga, Japan, after World War II. They live in poor condition but Grandma Osano Akihiro’s grandma always know how to be happy and cheerful no matter what. I don’t want to tell much about it because well, some people don’t like spoiler.

A memorable quote from Grandma Osano in this book is, “There are two ways for poor people: gloomy poor and cheerful poor. We are cheerful poor people.” The book I read is an Indonesian translation of the original Japanese version so if you read the English version, the words may be different.

p.s. I don’t know Japanese. The book actual title is “Saga no Gabai Bāchan”. My cousin, who can speak Japanese, told me that bāchan is read as baachan. 

7 thoughts on “A Book about Amazing Grandma

  1. I’m not sure if this one’s available in our local bookstores; I don’t think I’ve seen it. But I checked out the blurb on goodreads, and I find it sweet. Grandparents are the greatest when it comes to their grandchildren. 🙂

  2. I’m mostly into realistic fiction (Jodi Picoult), love stories (Nicolas Sparks), chic-lit (Sophie Kinsella), inspirational/biographical and self-help books. But I want to be able to discover new authors and genres, so just recommend whatever books strike your fancy! 😉

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