Four Songs

In university, I have three close friends whom I share my crazy opinion with. Here I won’t write about our crazy moment. I’ll just make list of four songs that we like.

4. Mantan Terindah – Kahitna

“Mantan terindah” means the loveliest ex in Indonesian. This song is nice. We sometimes use it to mock one of us who has terrible ex.

3. That’s Why (You Go Away) – Michael Learns To Rock

When I make this post, the video above “is not available in my country”. I don’t know why. Anyway, one day, one of us sang this song then she saw her crush and sang the song no. 2 in this list: Paint My Love.

2. Paint My Love – Michael Learns To Rock

This song is simply amazing. No wonder that my friend sang this when she saw her ex.

1. From This Moment On – Shania Twain

One of us (the girl in no. 3 and 2) wanted this song to be played in her wedding until one day somebody practiced to sing this song and it was awful. She then said, “He didn’t sing well and he had destroyed my imagination.”

I guess I will write more about my friends in other posts.


2 thoughts on “Four Songs

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