Why English?

I’m an Indonesian. My ethnic group is Javanese. Everyday I speak Javanese and Indonesian but I mostly write my blog posts in English. Not because I want to look more “international” but because I’m just comfortable to write in English.

I speak Javanese a lot. Even when I speak Indonesian or English, people can still notice my Javanese accent. However, I rarely write article in Javanese. It’s a matter of habit, I know. I’m not used to it so it’s difficult.

I speak and write Indonesian. However, I mostly write Indonesian in academic work: practicum report, discussion report, etc. It makes me feel “awkward” when writing an informal Indonesian article. Really, I feel awkward.

I rarely use English in everyday conversation but I write e-mails in English for my penpals. My e-mail writing style is like my blog post writing style. When I write a post, I often imagine that I write e-mail and tell a story to my penpal. The difference is, my posts can be read by many people.


5 thoughts on “Why English?

  1. A bit out of content discussion : Writing or speaking in english is not a show off. I can see how sentimental and uncivilised people trying to judge the arrogance of speaking english in public even if you are an Indonesian. I can’t see the meaning behind if you live in Indonesia you should speak Indonesia. The regulation should also be applied to foreigners who want to invest or study in here and I bet within months our income will decrease and nobody would like to come here. I am an Indonesian too. I speak javanese and indonesian language everyday. I love the uniqueness of our culture and diversity but don’t make it as an excuse to stop learning something good.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Actually, no one says that I’m arrogant because I write in English. I just wrote that post just in case people ask why I write in English. Do you have bad experience because you don’t write in Indonesian?
      I guess that “you should speak our language” rule is everywhere. For example, if you want to study in Germany you should have a certificate of German proficiency.
      I also love the culture here and I won’t stop learning.

      • That’s why I wrote “a bit out of content discussion”. Actually it’s just an example I made out of my friend’s condition. My bad that I didn’t elaborate more of what’s happening. I was just feeling the anxiety of people who judge too much. There is nothing wrong by learning english and trying to speak or write.
        Of course speaking Indonesian is a must but people said that “you should speak our language” just because they are stupid and doesn’t know english at all while my friends are having a good conversation, isn’t that irritating? If they want to speak english go and get it and don’t be afraid to be laughed or even laughing at people who try to speak.
        It’s not about losing the culture of Javanese or Indonesian but limiting people to try something new just because they don’t like it is even worse than a prison of hell. From my point of view it is limiting the knowledge.

      • Oh, I get it. It’s bad when people judge you for the language that you learn. Just keep learning. Don’t let others, as you say, limit the knowledge.

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