Talking about My Blogs

It may be late to write about this blog but I’ll write it anyway.

I have two blogs with same contents in WordPress and Blogger. My WordPress blog is, as you can see, . “Masih bersambung” means still continue in Indonesian. My Blogger blog is . “Belum selesai” means not finished yet in Indonesian. The main reason I chose those words as my blog domain was my lacking of inspiration on what I should name my blogs. Other reason was I often tried to be philosophical (duh) so my blog names implied that we, humans, never feel “finished”. We always have story, desire, or anything. We’re not finished yet. We still continue.

6 thoughts on “Talking about My Blogs

  1. I like your blog, and your title. It’s cool that you give the translation of the words, too. Don’t worry about being late, there’s no pressure here. That’s one of the great things about blogging101, and there are no dumb questions (I asked them all…haha) I always forget to add my adddress for my blog, Sometimes:
    there it is:

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