Snail Mail, Library, and My Chemical Romance

Yesterday, I finally wrote a replying letter for my friend after procrastinating for days. Today, before going to post office, I went to my faculty library and unexpectedly, Welcome to the Black Parade was played. After that I heard Helena and I Don’t Love You. Whoa, the library had never been that “expressive” before.

The friend whom I sent my letter to is also a fan of My Chemical Romance. She even had crush on Gerard Way. I guess today was a right time for me to write about MCR again.

I admit I learn a lot of English vocabularies from MCR songs. You may think their lyrics aren’t suitable for language learning but using song for learning is one version of learning by having fun.

I know MCR when I was 14 or 15 and after I listened their songs, I searched them in the internet then I found out that not all people are like me. I had known that everyone is different even before I knew MCR but when I discover them, I realize that there are people who are completely different to me but I could still like them. After reading their lyrics, my teenaged self learned that everyone has their own struggle and in my opinion it was quite a good lesson for a teenaged girl.

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