Relationship Advice and My Chemical Romance

I’ve never written a post about relationship since I’m not good at it. However, if you need any relationship advice, maybe this video by Carrie Hope Fletcher: WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS (yes, she wrote the title in capital letters) can help. 

In that video, Carrie mentioned Gerard Way, the former vocalist and frontman of My Chemical Romance. I’ll talk about My Chemical Romance in this post.

I was a fan of My Chemical Romance. I guess I still am. However, you may consider me a newbie because I started listening to them after the Black Parade became hit. 

I remember that time when I still listened to radio and I always request Welcome to the Black Parade. The DJ noticed that and said, “Why do you always request that song? Do you want to listen another song?”

I then listened to their songs from the previous album and I fell in love with Helena song. I also watched the video. I even tried to cover Tracy Phillips’ dance and I ended up feeling dizzy from turning around a lot of times. Tracy Phillips was so great at playing Helena.

Famous Last Words somehow affected me emotionally. If you know the science behind it, please tell me. 

Another favourite song of mine is Cancer. I like both the lyrics and music. Beside that, the way Gerard Way (“the way Gerard Way” sounds…. I can’t find the right word) sang the song was amazing. There was time when I listened to Cancer over and over again without any other song in between just for the feeling it caused. I find difficulty to describe the feeling by the way. 

I also like Na Na Na. Both song and video are playful, in my opinion. Talking about playful, this video of My Chemical Romance performing Every Snowflake is Different may cheer you up.

Do you have any favourite song by My Chemical Romance?

2 thoughts on “Relationship Advice and My Chemical Romance

  1. Funny thing about nanana video is that the villain is grant Morrison. He is very popular Scottish comicbook writer. Gerard Way also make comicbooks you should check some of them they are quite fun 🙂

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