Gift for Myself

Yesterday I went out to buy a gift for myself. Yes, you read it right. I didn’t know why. Perhaps I just made an excuse to waste some money or perhaps I really needed something new. I went to a bookstore and headed to stationery section. I was tempted by a small box of crayons because it was cheap and it did look interesting. However, fortunately I could still think clearly and didn’t buy it because I don’t draw a lot and if I draw, I mostly use coloured pencils.

My attention was caught by post-it notes. Really, I’m a fan of post-it notes. They’re just colourful, small, and cute stuffs and I use them quite often while studying or writing. I took a long time to decide which post-it notes to buy (duh) then I chose a set of folded sticky notes. I can fold the notes so some writing can be hidden. It takes form of cute pink rabbit by the way.

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