Sites I Use While Learning Russian

I learn Russian mostly from internet and when learning language from internet, finding the “right” site is a kind of journey.

I first learned Russian when I was 15 and I only did it casually. I began with Russian alphabet from MasterRussian. At that time, I understand most letters but ы, ь, ъ. I also learned some Russian words and phrases from WaytoRussia. As time went by, I hadn’t learned Russian again for a long time until one day, I was struck by inspiration to do it again. I found some lessons in Russian for Free and FunRussian YouTube channel. “Russian for Free” was actually good but for some reasons, I couldn’t keep up with it. Finally I found Learn Russian and the lessons in that site reminds me of “Side by Side” book which I use in my English course long time ago. Let’s see if I can keep up with the site.

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