Learning Foreign Words

I don’t have one strict method of learning language. I try a lot of methods from reading a text in foreign language, watching a video in the language, or trying to speak and write in the language I learn. However, when it comes to vocabulary, I don’t remember the time when I study vocabulary. I learn vocabulary unconsciously. I don’t try to make a word list or flash card. I just read and listen a lot to the language I learn.

Recently I found an article in lingholic about how to remember words when learning a language. I thought, “Why don’t I give it a try?” In that article there are four methods of remembering words. I haven’t tried the first and second method yet. I tried the third method (Luca Lampariello’s method) and it worked well since it’s almost similar to how I learn language. I read a Russian article and tried to translate it. Few days later, I will have to read the translation and translate it back to Russian. The fourth method (the GoBillyKorean method) is also good but I didn’t learn 50 words a day. I only did 15 words yesterday and 15 words today.

P.S. I like the words on the top of lingholic page, “Language learning is a journey, not a destination.”


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