Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Watch Ryan Higa’s Positive Video Before OSCE (or Exam, or Anything)

Before my previous OSCE, I prepared by practicing quite a lot and watched YouTube. I watched Ryan Higa’s video “How to Stay Positive“. In the beginning of that video he said that he always imagined the worst scenario before doing something to mentally prepare himself in case he failed. I thought that was a cool idea so I did that. Before OSCE, I imagined the worst scenario possible like, “What if I forget to wash my hand? What if I forget to wear gloves? What if I get nervous and forget to ask the important questions?” I happened to not forget the important questions but I forget to ask some additional questions. The result: I passed with two A’s and two B’s.

I don’t suggest to think about the worst scenario if it makes you extremely nervous. However, I admit that the video works for me. I become less nervous by imagining the worst scenario because well, if the bad things happen I won’t be shocked.

You can also watch the entire video to see a different kind of positivity and if you think he spoke too fast (which he often does), you can read this transcript. Believe me, I was surprised to find lybio. I mean, really? YouTube transcript? I’ve read some film transcripts in the internet but I just found one site providing YouTube transcript.

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