“Jleb” Harry Potter Moments

First of all, some Indonesians use the word “jleb” to imitate the sound of stab. You know, when a knife or any sharp object stabs something (right now I feel bad while imagining the stab). The word “jleb” is also used to describe such deep feeling like having your chest stabbed. We can get “jleb” feeling while reading a sad part in a novel, watching a romantic scene of a film, or hearing someone insulting us. 

Today I stumble upon a Harry Potter meme in Google and when I open it, it led me to a Pinterest page full of Harry Potter memes. Some are fun but a lot of them are heart-touching (fine, I have found an English word for “jleb”: heart-touching). For me, the most “jleb” part in Harry Potter series is Snape’s love for Lily. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an interesting-for-me meme about this. However, I found some other “jleb” memes about other “jleb” parts.

I like this meme, especially that Molly Weasley part, “Molly Weasley taught us that we can always rely on our mother.” The Draco part is quite nice, too. “Draco Malfoy taught us that everyone makes mistakes. He taught us that everyone has feelings.”

Another “jleb” moment in Harry Poter series is Fred’s death. Really, we didn’t expect such thing happens to the Weasley twin. This meme describes it well.

I don’t need to say much about this. 

Another good thing written in Harry Potter is about motherly love. Even the seemingly arrogant mother like Narcissa Malfoy will do anything to make sure that her son is safe. And her act saved Harry, too.

Finally, this one tells us not to generalise everything.



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