Everything Wrong with This Blog (and the Owner)

If you like to watch film and browse YouTube, you may be interested in CinemaSins channel. In that channel, there is “Everything Wrong With” series. I’m now trying to make a list of everything wrong with my blog.

  1. The blog owner is an Indonesian but she mostly writes in English.
  2. Although she mostly writes in English, the tags and categories are written in Indonesian.
  3. By the time this post is written, the “about” page is still empty.
  4. The owner doesn’t show her picture.
  5. She doesn’t mention her clear identity either.
  6. The owner takes less than one hour to write a blog post but she takes days to write a statement of motivation.
  7. The owner watches YouTube videos more often than she reads blog posts by other bloggers.
  8. This blog has sister site (is there such thing?) in Blogger.
  9. Contents of those two sites are the same.
  10. There are a lot of links to other websites included in posts of this blog.
  11. However, the owner sometimes just reads the articles at a glance.
  12. The owner learns Russian but she hasn’t written a post completely in Russian.
  13. Point no.12 also works for other languages she learns.
  14. She wants many people to visit her blog but she only tells her blog address to three campus friends.
Sins: 14
Sentence: keeping blogging.
P.S. I sentence myself so I sentence something nice.

9 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with This Blog (and the Owner)

  1. Perhaps, I am trapped into your ambiguity. When you said “To be honest, I now remember only two of them”, that reminded me of Nesya. Then, you said that I was wrong. thus perhaps my guessing are not them.

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