Conan, After a Long Time

Recently, I withdrew from facebook (I still do, though). At first I thought I would be bored since I usually spent a lot of time in facebook but I now find out that such withdrawal is a good thing. I should just find another interesting activity and luckily, there was Detective Conan.

My cousin borrowed some Detective Conan comics from her friend and we read it. It’s been a long time that I haven’t read Conan and when I read it again, I felt the excitement. Reading detective story always makes me curious and thrilled. I just can’t stop reading before finding out the culprit and how the case actually happens. Beside that, in Detective Conan, there are a lot of unique facts and I could study without feeling studying. 

P. S. If you have read Sherlock Holmes, you’ll know that some aspects in Conan are inspired by Sherlock Holmes, like Shinichi knows a person’s condition at the first time they met and how he notices details others will miss. Well, Shinichi Kudo is a Sherlockian.


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