Ultracrepidarian, Go Away!

I’m a book lover (I don’t love all books but I’m still a book lover anyway) and once I type “book lover” in Google search then I found an article of “10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know“. 

One word in that article is ultracrepidarian. It’s a word which refers to someone who gives an opinion on things s/he knows nothing about. I laughed at that word since I didn’t expect there was specific word for such person. Beside that, I’m often annoyed by ultracrepidarian. Well, people are free to express their opinion but sometimes they do it too much and, excuse me, annoyingly (I wanted to use another word but I thought it would be rude so I said annoyingly). I saw many examples of ultracrepidarian before presidential election in 2014 (this election potentially caused mental illness, huh). Everytime I watch TV or log in to social media, there were many people who talked about politics without understanding the issue. I thought the ultracrepidarians would stop after the election but no. After the election, there are various quick count or exit poll results and now many people are talking about it without enough understanding in statistics. I need to stay away from social media I guess.

By the way, I mentioned mental illness in this post. Here I found types of mental illness from WebMD.


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