How You Should Handle Defeat

Actually I’ve wanted to post this for quite a while but I procrastinated.

I watched the football match between Germany and Brazil at a glance (I never watch football match completely) and Germany won. It’s a huge victory for Germany since they scored 7 goal while Brazil only scored one goal. 

Despite the defeat, I saw Brazilians do two things that made me amazed. First, after the match, I saw David Luiz and another Brazilian player (Luiz Gustavo if I’m not mistaken) pray. Yes, they did pray calmly (as I saw), after such defeat. It feels like a reminder for me since I never feel calm after a failure or defeat. Even if I pray after defeat, I won’t pray calmly. I mean, my mind will keep on remembering the defeat so that I can’t focus on my prayer. Second, on Facebook, a friend of mine shared a picture of Brazilian man handed a trophy replica to German fan and congratulated her. You can see the picture and story here and a video about that man here (thanks to Do you remember the last time you respected and congratulated your rival or opponent after being defeated?

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