It’s July 8th and I’m Worried

Tomorrow (July, 9th 2014), Indonesia will hold presidential election. I can say it’s the scariest presidential election ever in Indonesia. There are only two candidates and people seem to split into two allies. I have no problem with people supporting their candidates but believe me, this year it’s too much. They not only support one candidate but also “attack” the other one. If you are not into conflict and you have television or social media, you will see war you can’t stand. 

Talking about television… Hmm, I sadly say that it’s now difficult to find neutral television channel. Some owners of television channels are into politics and you can guess what happens. Yes, the news is constantly about supporting one candidate and “silently attack” the other one.

In social media, the condition worsens. People express their opinion freely, even too freely and there was one time when I was afraid of logging in to my Facebook account because everytime I see my Facebook home, there are people talking about the candidates. Well, right now I’m writing about presidential election in my blog so I understand if you feel bad reading this post.

Finally, I hope Indonesia remains peaceful no matter who the new president is. 

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