Suddenly It’s Noisy

Note: if you don’t particularly like anything related to ENT clinic then read other posts.

I’ve ever written in one post that my mother accused me of having hearing problem. I denied that and thought I only had concentration problem. I just found out that my mother was right.

Last Tuesday I got water in my left ear. I couldn’t get it out of my ear and it was painful. The pain wasn’t so disturbing so I ignored it (such a careless medical student). However, on Thursday I got annoying headache. After coming home from campus, I took a nap. Usually, headache goes away after nap but that time it didn’t. I told my mother and we visited an ENT specialist.

The ENT specialist we visited was a senior one. I last visited him when I was in 5th grade and he didn’t change much. Yes, I had a little hearing problem when I was an elementary student. However after that I didn’t have hearing problem anymore so I didn’t go to ENT clinic but clean my ear using cotton swab instead. Back to the story, the doctor told me that my ceruminous gland is different. According to the doctor, which I also read in Human Anatomy and Physiology by Elaine Marieb and Katja Hoehn, “In many people, the ear is naturally cleansed as the cerumen dries and then falls out of the external acoustic meatus. In other people (including me), cerumen builds up and becomes compacted.” The water trapped in my ear worsened the condition. He also said that cleaning ears using cotton swab would only push the cerumen inside and it would build up more. I then realised that I had made a huge mistake by using cotton swab. I should visited ENT clinic every three months to remove the cerumen.

The doctor then removed my cerumen and suddenly the world sounded noisy. I’ve had hearing problem which I ignored for a long time and then I’m healed. Everything sounds loud now which is sometimes quite disturbing but I’m happy because it’s not only louder but also clearer.


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