Marie Antoinette Wore Louis Vuitton

When I was in high school, I went to science class. It means that in my 11th and 12th grade I studied chemistry, physics, and biology. I didn’t study geography, economics, and sociology. I still studied history anyway but not so much as students from social class did. Since I didn’t study a lot of history, it means that I didn’t get interesting history lesson like French revolution, World War, etc. One day, my cousin was going to take university entrance test and she told me some history lessons. She said that by telling stories, she could study at the same time. “One of the causes of French revolution was economic difficulty. The people was in economic crisis while Marie Antoinette, the king’s wife, spent the money to buy Louis Vuitton and Prada,” she told me. I laughed hard at that story, “Haha, there were no Louis Vuitton and Prada when French revolution happened.” “My tutor told us that way so we could remember easily,” she said.

By the way, this is an article of French Revolution from Encyclopedia Britannica. Also try to take some quizzes from that site. You’ll get a ton of interesting information.

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