Some Girly Things I Browse

I’m a girl but not so girly. However, I often browse some girly things in internet for fun. Here I have the list.

1. Make up

I rarely wear make up. In fact, I even forget when the last time I wear powder was. I wear minimal make up to a party though. In spite of that, watching and reading some make up tutorial is quite entertaining.

2. Fashion Show

I’m a casual person and I don’t follow trend but I often watch fashion show in YouTube. I like to see how the models walk.

3. Wedding Dress and Other Wedding Stuff

I don’t plan on wearing dress in my wedding. I prefer kebaya. However, seeing wedding dress pictures with my girlfriends is another kind of fun.

4. Nail Art

I don’t polish my nail but I admit that some nail art videos in YouTube are interesting. Visit Robin Moses Nail Art channel for some examples.

5. Hair Do

My hair is short and I usually only comb it and sometimes put bobby pin. However, why not watch some braid tutorial?


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