Learn More, Study Less

To be honest, I sometimes don’t like to see my friends studying in campus. Reasons: 1. I’m too “lazy”; 2. They study “too much”. However, I can’t blame them because the truth is they often pass the tests while I often fail. 

Anyway, I believe that good studying method doesn’t “torment” us mentally, yet understand and remember for a long time and surely, pass the exams. 

If you feel the same way: you’re “lazy” but want to pass the exams and remember for a long time, you may try this method: How to Learn More and Study Less by Scott Young. In that link, there is a link to Young’s website and free e-book download. I’ve just found it so I’m also new to this (actually not so new because I realise I used it for my English class when I was in school).

Let’s learn together.


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