Something about Habit

I don’t call myself a writer. I just like to write and recently, I’m in a good mood to write a lot in this blog. Yeay, this blog is not abandoned! 

I wanted to keep up this good mood and continue writing then I found an article entitled Write Every Day in 2014: 14 Steps for Forming a Writing Habit .  Click the link to read the article. It works not only for writing but also other habits. Reading the article, I found out that I made some mistakes in developing habit. 

Let’s take a look at step 1 and 5. 

1. Don’t try to change everything at once. 

I once set a target like this, “This month I’ll read my textbooks regularly everyday, learn Hebrew until I can read and write the letter, and learn to speak Arabic”. This way, I couldn’t focus on what I do well. If you’re easily bored like me, it’s fine to do various thing but remember to make priority scale. In other words, one thing is needed to be done seriously, the others are recreations.

5. Don’t choose a word count goal.

Focus on writing regularly, for the same duration. Don’t focus on how many words your write. The article said, “Studies have also shown that focus on process is far more effective for staying motivated than a focus on results.” I also made mistake in this step. I often told myself, “This evening, you should finish reading this chapter.” I thought that since I had difficulty to concentrate while studying, I needed to set a goal for myself to finish reading a chapter, review, etc. The result was mostly I failed to fulfill that goal because I got bored before I finished reading. Oh, how I wish reading textbook were as exciting as reading novel or comic. 

Good luck on your good habit


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