My Version of Study Tips

It feels strange for me to write about study tips but I’m going to write anyway.

I never actually pay attention to studying technique. My study method continuously changes and I still can’t decide which method works best for me. However, one thing for sure: I am a laid back person. No matter how difficult the subject, I’m mostly calm. Note: feeling calm while studying doesn’t always mean good grade but it means healthy studying.

People say that it’s important to develop time management skill. I’ve ever tried it and failed. I made a schedule of what and when I should study in a day. However, I mostly ended up ignoring my schedule. My fault was I listed a lot of subjects and when I studied them, I realised that the subjects required longer time than in my schedule. So, if you considering making a schedule (any schedule, not only for studying), you should also consider the duration you need to study the subject. 

Studying the topic before getting class/lecture helps us understand better. We should also review the material after we get the class so that we dwon’t forget it easily. However, I admit that it’s easier said than done. When it comes to my favourite subjects, I can study before and after class, even if the subjects aren’t taught in school or campus. However, if I’m not interested in the subjects, I need to “push” myself more.

It’s also important to take break. Your brain deserves rest.

p.s. Since I have problem in concentrating, I don’t include it in this post. Perhaps later when I figure out how to concentrate well.


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