Recently I found a YouTube channel called funrussian.com and I viewed some videos of it. This channel is related to the website www.funrussian.com and in that website there is “Russian Word of the Day” program. I’ve subscribed to the program and I get one Russian word every day with an example of sentence containing the word. Today I get the word Здоровье. It’s pronounced zda-RO-v’ye and it means health. The sentence, or this time sentences are Береги своё здоровье. Кушай хорошо. It means “Take care of your health. Eat well.”

I was excited when I got that word. To make it clear, I’m currently preparing for my upcoming exams and for me, receiving such words feels like hearing positive thing; it’s an encouragement. It feels like “ya’atik El ‘afi” wish.  


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