When Will You Speak Russian Fluently?

It may sound strange but it happens. Recently when I see my friends achieve something, win contests, or such things, my mind always questions, “When will you speak Russian fluently?”

As I’ve ever written in this blog (you can read the post here), I often envy people for their achivement and such feeling can actually be positive if you’re motivated to be a better person. However this time I’m not motivated to gain the same achievement. I’m motivated to speak Russian instead.

I can’t explain why but let me try to explain. I wrote that I liked learning language and I was interested in Russia. Perhaps deep in my mind I view speaking Russian fluently as an achievement.

Finally I want to thank my friends whose achievement inspires me to speak Russian. Go and achieve more so I can speak Russian sooner.

Я не русская но я говорю по-русски.


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