Some Call It Black Dog: My View on Depression

Wow, I create a cool title (in my opinion). Hopefully the content is as cool as the title.

I won’t write about depression in medical term because I haven’t studied psychiatry thoroughly. I’m going to write what I know from experience.

Recently I found a video in YouTube entitled “I had a black dog, his name was depression”. It’s an interesting video created by Matthew Johnstone. I then visited his website and I saw some interesting graphic based on his experience in depression and how he dealt with it.

I’ve ever felt depressed, too. One day, I suddenly felt sad and bored then I cried and I couldn’t focus on studying. I stopped crying for a while and I browse the internet to read about depression. I took a depression-anxiety-stress test and I found out that I experienced moderate depression and stress.

From Johnstone’s video, my experience, and other information that I got, it’s important to be honest about your feeling. I don’t suggest you to hit anyone you hate for the sake of honesty. I mean that you don’t have to pretend to be happy when you’re actually not. I wasted my time convincing myself that I was fine while in fact I wasn’t. When you feel sad, talk to someone you trust. Tell them about your feeling. If you don’t know whom to talk to, try to write in journal. Write anything that you feel honestly and what may cause you feel that. Don’t wait until that bad feeling accumulate and explode. It’s also important to take enough sleep.

Finally, try to accept and forgive yourself. In my opinion, it’s difficult to change yourself to be a better person if you don’t forgive yourself at first.

P. S. How was the content? Was it as cool as the title?


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