Listening Project

There are a lot of articles saying we should find our talent and passion. The problem, I’m not sure what actually my talent is. I’m not an artist and I’m not good at sport either. However, I find out that since I was kid, I have always been talkative. I talked a lot and I still do. I also listen. I often listen to my friends talking about their problem without giving any advice.

My listening skill is quite good but I’m not good at hearing. Yes, listening is different from hearing. According to Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, Fourth Edition, listen means pay attention to sb/sth that you can hear while hear means be aware of sounds with your ears. My teacher explained, “When you listen, you intend to do it before but when you hear, you may not intend to do it. Example: I heard the thunder while listening to the song. Can you see the difference? In that sentence, I had intended to listen to the music but I hadn’t expected to hear the thunder.” Back to the topic, I’m not so good at hearing to the point that my mother accused me of having hearing problem. She intends to take me to ENT clinic while in fact, I just sometimes focus too much on what I do that I can’t hear her calling me. I once wrote in this blog that I was difficult to concentrate. Yes, I am but once I concentrate, I do it totally.

I guess I have talent for communication so I make a project which I call “Listening Project”. Since I talk a lot, I think it’s important to make more time for listening. In this project, I’m dedicating a week from Tuesday, April 29th to Monday, May 5th for listening to people. I’ll just listen to them and respond if it’s necessary then I take note of what they say and share some in this blog.


p.s. I’m sorry if I sound like bragging about my suspected talent. By the way, I still believe I have talent for communication in spite of my failure in communication OSCE.

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