7 Facts about Me

I see many YouTubers make “7 Facts” video so here I post 7 facts about me.

  1. My blood type is B but I don’t know my Rhesus. Do you believe that blood type can determine personality?
  2. I like to learn language but the only foreign language I can speak almost fluently is English. The reason is I don’t have strong willpower to master foreign language so I jump from one language to the others. Some language I’ve ever tried to learn are English, Russian, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Polish, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Korean.
  3. For some indescribable reason, I’m interested in Russia. I even plan on visiting Russia someday. If I try to describe the reason, perhaps it’s because… Well, as I mentioned before, it’s indescribable.
  4. I’m fond of going to book store. I rarely buy anything from bookstores but I go to bookstore once a week. I read some unsealed books and browse through the stationery section. I can find satisfaction by looking at cute stationery.
  5. I like to take pictures of insects and flowers. Since I got my digital camera, the feature that impressed me a lot is macro. I like the feeling of seeing small things closely and looking at the details.
  6. I’m a listener of classic rock songs. It’s a result of my mom’s influence. She likes classic rock a lot, especially Deep Purple. In my opinion, Deep Purple is the best rock band of all time but the best rock song of all time is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. You can disagree with me.
  7. I’m difficult to concentrate. I distract myself quite a lot while studying. I study one topic then browse internet for a long while. After that I do homework and eat snack then continue studying and play computer game and so on. The fact is, I spend more time doing distracting activity than studying.

2 thoughts on “7 Facts about Me

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